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Asher ComfortFit Sling

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The Maya Wrap ComfortFit Ring Sling is unlike other carriers; our patent-pending shoulder design is suitable for wearers of all experience levels.  There are no snaps, buckles, or ties to fiddle with.  You can wear your little one in a variety of positions; hip carriers, newborn carries, and kangaroo carries make the Lightly Padded Ring Sling the most versatile carrier on the market.

We use 100% handloomed cotton because natural fibers are easily cared for and are comfortable in all climates, transitioning from summer to winter with ease.  Our simple construction lends to effortless style and is designed for children weighing between 8 - 35 lbs.  It is perfect for caregivers of all types. 

Whether you are looking to free up your hands or buy that special shower gift, you will have the knowledge that we pay meticulous attention to detail and safety.   


The ComfortFit Ring Sling shoulder is gathered with no padding.  The use of a small Spandex panel insert and unpadded rails for total adjustability means a grippy, perfect fit every time.  The width of the shoulder is easily adjusted by moving the small fabric band or removing it altogether.  This is the perfect sling for new babywearers and is road-tested by even the most skilled wearers.  Still made with a pocket, you can throw your cell phone, a binky, and a diaper in the pocket, and go! Babywearing made easy.

  • Wear newborns, weighing at least 8 lbs. through toddlers, weighing no more than 35 lbs.
  • As your child develops, you can change positioning. 
  • Unpadded, open tail can be used as a nursing coverup or wrapped around rings. 
  • Fits easily into a diaper bag or tote.


Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Slings and ComfortFit Ring Slings are all the same width - 30 inches / 76.2 cm wide.  Size differences are only seen in the length of the ring sling.  Chose your size according to your desired tail length.  The pocket should be pulled completely through the rings, and if you are using it as a breastfeeding cover, the tail should extend at least to the top of your legs.

Small measures 66.92" long x 30" wide (170 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)
Medium measures 72.83" long x 30" wide (185 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)
Large measures 79.13" long x 30" wide (201 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)
X-Large measures 85.03" long x 30" wide (216 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)

While medium is our most popular size, some nursing moms like to have a slightly longer tail to use as a discreet nursing cover.   Please see the sizing chart for images that can help you make your sizing decision.   The model shown is 5'6", 170 lbs., and she wears a size 14.  If our model were using her Maya Wrap for a nursing cover, she would chose a size large. 

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Lightly Padded and ComfortFit Ring Slings, Jacquard Woven Ring Slings
All of our handloomed and jacquard products are machine washable in cold water.  Washing machines with agitators should be avoided because they can stretch and twist the wrap.

Do not wring your wrap or ring sling out; instead, grab pieces and squeeze gently. 

Gentle detergents are best and avoid detergents with color catchers. 

For stains, you can try soaking in cold water with a little bit of Borax or other laundry boosting product dissolved in the water.  Do NOT scrub the stain. 

Stain removers, such as Shout or Oxy Clean, can yield different, and sometimes unwanted, results.  If you have a stubborn stain, we suggest testing a small amount on an inconspicuous place of your wrap before using on a stain.  Use these types of products judiciously and only after you've tested. 

Do NOT use bleach.

Fabric  softener is not recommended for ring slings.  The fabric grips the rings better if it is not used.

Line drying is recommended to avoid shrinkage.  Hang your wrap or ring sling in a fashion that evenly supports the weight of the material to avoid stretching.  Alternatively, you can also lay it on a towel to dry. 

Wool and wool blended wraps and ring slings
Don't fear the wool!  It's easy to care for.  Simply place 1/2 cup of white vinegar in about 4" of cold water in your bathtub.   Submerge your wrap or ring sling in the water - vinegar mixture and swoosh around a little with your hand.  Let sit for 20 minutes. 

Drain the water - vinegar mixture and rinse out the wrap by holding it under the faucet.  Do not wring or twist it. 

Fill the tub up, again, with 4" of water only.  Let your wrap or ring sling sit for 20 minutes. 

Drain the tub and squeeze the wrap to remove excess water.  Do not wring or twist it. 

Line drying is recommended to avoid shrinkage.  Hang your wrap or ring sling in a fashion that evenly supports the weight of the material to avoid stretching.  Alternatively, you can also lay it on a towel to dry.

Got wrinkles?
Use a cool iron to get rid of unsightly wrinkles in your ring sling or wrap.  Be sure to follow guidelines based upon the type of fabric and the temperature of the iron.  Most specifically, wool requires a very cool setting. 

Throw and go!
Maya Wrap products travel well.  They can be tossed in a diaper bag or purse and aren't bulky like other carrier types.  Feel free to use the bag you received your original Maya Wrap in for storage purposes, though most of our customers use it so often they stash it in their car or a diaper bag for easy access. 


Lightly Padded Ring Sling and ComfortFit Ring Sling:

Most of our products come in a variety of beautiful, 100% cotton, hand loomed fabrics. Hand loomed fabrics are cooler, more breathable than machine woven fabrics, and have just the right amount of give. They are also incredibly durable and soft which eliminates the need for bulky padding or double layers of fabric that can overheat baby.

Jacquard woven wraps and ring slings:

We offer limited-edition releases of cotton, cotton blend, and wool blend woven wraps and ring slings.  These fabrics are loomed by skilled, weaving professionals. 

About our Dyes:

The dyes used in all of our fabrics do not contain any copper, nickel, lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, or any other poisonous substance.


The rings used on the Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling and the ComfortFit Ring Sling are tested to 250 lbs. per ring.  They are manufactured in the United States and are made of anodized aluminum by SlingRings