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Babywearing isn't an exact science; it is part skill and part art. Sure, there are basic rules that must be followed for your child's safety, but every babywearer has a unique trick or shortcut to help the newest wearers and even the most skilled.  It truly does take a community to raise a child, and the babywearing community is strong, supportive, and expanding.  This page will help you find information, meet people, join groups, meet a certified educator, or watch video tutorials. Like any other hobby, lifestyle, or specialty tool, you can become as involved and active as you like.  So, whether you're a newbie or a virtuoso, take a peek below and see where your mouse takes you...

Who We Are

Susan Gmeiner, Owner & CEO, is the brains behind Maya Wrap. Born and raised in Oakland, California, Susan earned her Bachelor's Degree in math from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and her Master's Degree in meteorology from the University of Utah. She and her husband call North Carolina home and are the proud parents of three wonderful boys and a new granddaughter. Maya Wrap came to fruition after the birth of her second son. Like many successful, product-focused entrepreneurs, Susan's wraps were born out of necessity. In her spare time, Susan and her husband enjoy giving back to the community, attending church, and reading.

Susan's team is comprised entirely of work-at-home-moms (WAHM's). Located throughout the United States, you might end up talking to someone in Maryland one day or Georgia the next. While Susan works on compliance and operations for Maya Wrap, her team handles customer service, social media, domestic and international sales, product development, marketing, and strategy. They all wear Maya Wrap to get the job done.

Our History