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Below are the instructions for making a sling using your own fabric.

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Sew Your Own Baby Sling!

You will need:
2.25 - 2.5 yards fabric
Two sturdy metal or nylon rings. Maya Wrap recommends Slingrings.com because of their very high standards for quality control.
Maya Wrap uses large aluminum SlingRings which work well for wider slings and heavier fabrics. If your sling will be less than about 28 inches wide or the fabric is light weight, medium SlingRings are a better choice.

CAUTION: If the rings are too thin, it is possible for one to pop through the other while you are using your sling. If this happens, the sling could give way and your child could be injured.

Fabric considerations
Width: If you choose fabric that is 36 - 45" wide you will not need to hem the sides unless you choose to do so. If the fabric is wider than 45" you will have too much. (The Maya Wrap Sling is 34" wide.)

Pattern: Both sides of the fabric will show when you use your sling so you may want to choose a fabric that does not have a "wrong" side.

Type: Cotton or cotton/polyester blends are recommended. The rings may not be able to hold a slick fabric in place. You will sew a seam through many layers of fabric so choose a fabric your machine can handle or plan to sew this seam by hand.

Length You will need 2 and 1/4 yards to make a size medium sling. If you are tall or large 2 and 1/2 yards is a good idea.
  1. Hem, or serge one of the cut edges of the fabric. This will be the tail of your sling.

  2. Hem or serge the selvage edges. If the selvage edges look good, you may not have to finish them.

  3. Figure 1.  Fold the remaining unhemmed (or unserged) edge of fabric like a fan. Make the folds 4" or 6" wide*. You do not need to make these folds the entire length of the fabric, 10-12" down from the top will be enough.

  4. serge or zigzag through all thicknesses of the folded fabric. Note: if you use a serger for this step, be sure that your serger can handle all of the thicknesses.

  5. Figure 2.  Put this folded end through the rings and pull it through 3 - 4 inches. Fold the fabric over the rings back onto itself. Pin in place, but do not catch Panel 1.

  6. Figure 3.  Fold Panel 1 out of the way. Stitch through all thicknesses 1/4"-1/2" from cut edge, making sure not to sew through Panel 1**. This seam will take a lot of stress so it is important that it is a strong seam and that it is backstitched on both ends. It is recommended that you make two lines of stitching. Consider using upholstery thread and a heavy duty needle for this step.

fig1_sewSling.jpg - 14107 Bytes fig2_sewSling.jpg - 12236 Bytes fig3_sewsling.jpg - 13670 Bytes

*For people with large shoulders, we have found that 6" is a more comfortable width. **When you use your sling, you can unfold Panel 1 over your shoulder to create a Shoulder Cap. This will help to keep the sling in place and better spread your child's weight across your back.

Visit the Maya Wrap Instructional Video page and learn to use your new sling!

Thank you Alexa Ogno for drawing Figure 3.

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