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The Lightly Padded Ring Sling or the ComfortFit Ring Sling - what's the difference? Both carriers have exactly the same sizing (length and width), rings, fabric options, and pockets.  The difference is only in the shoulder construction.  Additionally, the shoulder style does not change the way the tail hangs, and, remember medium is our most popular size. 

It's all about the shoulder grip...and the width

Shoulder style matters! A proper fitting and appropriately positioned shoulder make all the difference when wearing your baby or toddler.  Rings should be placed in the postion of a corsage and the material of the sling should cup your shoulder; be careful that the wrap does not ride up on your neck or slip too far down the arm. 

The Lightly Padded Ring Sling shoulder has a fixed width; it is sewn with light padding that is not bulky and does not bunch under the fabric.  It is approximately 8" wide and has the perfect amount of cush.  The benefit of the Lightly Padded style is its ease;  it is less customizable because you cannot spread the shoulder to span a wider area between your neck and shoulder.  

The ComfortFit Ring Sling shoulder is unpadded and has a variable width.  The shoulder has a small, hidden Spandex panel insert that offers the perfect, grippy fit every time.  The Spandex also functions to gather the shoulder, giving it a cushiony feel.  A removable fabric band can be pushed forward thereby allowing the fabric to spread, or it can be pushed back making the shoulder more narrow.  The benefit of the ComfortFit style is its customizability. 

Whether you're #teamlightlypadded or #teamcomfortfit, please visit the Maya Wrap Facebook Page our join the Maya Wrap Facebook Fan Chat to see what our customers are saying.  You will be able to garner insights regarding each style.  You can also contact us directly; we are more than happy to help you via phone, video chat, or email.