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Sizing for Ring Slings and Wraps


Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Slings and ComfortFit Ring Slings are all the same width - 30 inches / 76.2 cm wide.  Size differences are only seen in the length of the ring sling.  Chose your size according to your desired tail length.  The pocket should be pulled completely through the rings, and if you are using it as a breastfeeding cover, the tail should extend at least to the top of your legs.

Small measures 66.92" long x 30" wide (170 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)
Medium measures 72.83" long x 30" wide (185 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)
Large measures 79.13" long x 30" wide (201 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)
X-Large measures 85.03" long x 30" wide (216 cm long x 76.2 cm wide)

While medium is our most popular size, some nursing moms like to have a slightly longer tail to use as a discreet nursing cover.   Please see the sizing chart for images that can help you make your sizing decision.   The model shown is 5'6", 170 lbs., and she wears a size 14.  If our model were using her Maya Wrap for a nursing cover, she would chose a size large. 

Please Note: If you cannot find a Lightly Padded Ring Sling or a ComfortFit Ring Sling in the particular size you want, we are currently out of stock in it.  Please check back soon.  We do carry all four size options for every color.


Our woven wraps are sold in loom state unless otherwise stated.  Every wrap is the same width - 29 inches / 74 cm.  The measurements below are before any shrinkage that might occur after washing. 

Size 3: 142" (3.94 yards, 3.60 meters)
Size 4: 162" (4.50 yards, 4.11 meters)
Size 5: 189" (5.25 yards, 4.80 meters)
Size 6: 200" (5.55 yards, 5.07 meters)
Size 7: 226" (6.27 yards, 5.73 meters)

The model shown is a petite, size 4.  She is carrying her 2.5 year old son, and she is wearing a size 6 woven wrap. 

We believe that newer babywearers enjoy a better wrapping experience after identifying a base wrap size to learn wrapping fundamentals.  Base size carries, like the front wrap cross carry (FWCC), utilize basic wrapping skills that are built upon as wrappers become more experienced.  The techniques used with a base wrap typically require a size 6; shorter and petite wearers might require a size 5 for their base size.  With experience and knowledge of a few front carry options, wearers will soon be able to venture into longer or shorter sizes for more advanced and back carries.